Behind the Scenes

What makes Just Plain Crazy products the best hand-crafted leather goods on the market? A look at “behind-the-scenes” will give you a new perspective on how our products are really built. Many steps play a factor in producing a quality product that might be of interest to the consumer. If you’re searching for a “western store near me,” Just Plain Crazy is everywhere! Our online store has a wide variety of hand-crafted leather goods and will ship directly to you.

It all starts with the designer traveling to all parts of the U.S. and hand-selecting each piece of leather. She is very picky; she likes to put her eyes and hands on the hide to see if it meets our quality expectations and that they are free from defects.  The hide then gets shipped to the Amish leather shop. Upon arrival, it gets individually rolled and stored in its own identifiable tube. 

Now, the construction begins! While most of our leathers get hand-cut with scissors or leather knives, we do, on occasion, use a large press called a “clicker.” We can get dies made in any shape we prefer. We lay the die on the leather under the clicker and press out shapes that fit our preferences and imagination. It’s like a huge cookie-cutter! 

We have well over one hundred leather styles and colors in inventory, with many more arriving daily! Our designer never stops shopping for leather, so the possibilities are endless! 
You will notice that most bags are made up of three different color combinations, giving them a trendy look that we crave in leather art. 
After the “cookie-cutter” process is done, we then cut the remaining pieces by hand, where each piece, of course, gets meticulously inspected for blemishes once more. We now take them to the sewing machine, where dozens of different thread colors await us so we can match each leather as close as possible. 

After the leathers and threads are chosen, that is when the magic happens! Numerous “attention to detail” steps take place. These secret steps are what truly set us apart from all other leather goods on the market. When you handle your product and feel our exclusive JPC attributes (like our smooth-rounded handles), you’ll know that you truly have a custom work of art! 
We have to keep some secrets to ourselves, so we will be like that best barbeque joint where they always make the claim that their sauce is the “best-kept secret” in town! Just remember that leather crafters are a very proud bunch and hate to be outdone; each bag is carefully inspected, not only after being assembled but before and during the process as well.  We see every single step on every bag; there is not a computerized machine in the whole facility! 

I hope you enjoyed a look “behind-the-scenes”! Also, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read this; we feel blessed to have people like you who appreciate all of the time, love, and devotion that go into each and every item we offer. They are not just products to us. Handcrafted leather goods are our passion; a part of our hearts is carried in each and every one! We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with Just Plain Crazy!